Specialty Lions Clubs

You may not realize it, but quite often we form specialty Lions Clubs to meet the specific wants and needs of people in our community who would like to be a part of a club that more directly fits with the activities that they may want to do in the community.

The Specialty Club program is designed to create clubs whose members share a common interest or passion, allowing them to connect with one another on a deeper level. For example, they may share a hobby, profession, culture, common service or life experience.

Forming specialty clubs allows groups of people around the world to turn their passions into rewarding service projects that directly benefit their communities.

Joining a specialty Lions club is a great way a great way for all generations to meet people who share common interests and build leadership skills while serving your community.

For example, locally we have a Nepalese club. We also have clubs that are made up primarily of people of Chinese or Filipino descent.

We are currently exploring the formation of a dog or pet lovers club, that will focus on working with the local Sacramento SPCA as well as the local animal shelters and the local Food Bank Pet Pantries.

We have had requests for forming a club for people of Hispanic descent.

As you may guess, the possibilities are endless.

If you are interested in being a part of the formation of a new specialty club, let us know.

Here is a link discussing Specialty Lions Clubs for your info.