Eye Glasses And Hearing Aids

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If you need an eye exam or glasses, you need to contact your local Lions Club for assistance. To find a local club, click on the Find a Club link. You can then send an email to your local club to ask for assistance.

The Lions Clubs in District 4C5 collect used eye glasses and hearing aids and recycle them for re-use by people around the world who are in need of glasses and hearing aids but cannot afford them.

Your donations allows us to continue to be the Knights of the Blind, a title bestowed upon us by none other than Helen Keller. If you don’t know about Helen Keller, please take a few minutes to review our video history.

We are still collecting the names and addresses for the recycle locations from our local clubs. If you don’t see a recycling location near you, please contact the club in your area. You may be able to drop your glasses and hearing aids at a club meeting or a location that they will provide. Click Here to locate a club near you. I have a link there to connect you to the email for the club secretary for that club.

Recycle/Donate Your Old Eye Glasses:

You can donate your old eye glasses and hearing aids and we will refurbish them and make them available to people who cannot afford glasses or hearing aids. You can drop your glasses off at the following locations and we will be happy to pick them up.

      Hearing Aids:

      You have a couple of choices with hearing aids. You can drop them off at most places where you can drop off eye glasses.

      If you live in the Elk Grove area, you can drop them off  at The Elk Grove Hearing Care office at 9300 W Stockton Blvd., Ste 103, Elk Grove, CA 95758

      Ear of the Lion

      Another option is to mail them to the Ear of The Lion in Clovis, California. They partner with the Lions Clubs of California and Nevada to refurbish hearing aids for needy clients.