District Cabinet Meeting – Donner Region

08/08/2020 @ 9:00 am – 12:00 pm

District 4-C5 Cabinet Meeting

Click Here to download August 8 2020 4-C5 Donner Region Cabinet Meeting Agenda
Saturday, August 8, 2020
9 am – 12 pm
Hosted by the Donner Region

Agenda Theme: Innovation in Service

Donner Region Cabinet Meeting Via Zoom
Time: Aug 8, 2020 09:00 AM Pacific Time (US and Canada)


Meeting ID: 876 2503 8153, Passcode: 293172
One tap mobile: +16699009128, 87625038153# US


9:00        Mistress of Ceremonies                                             Region Chair Helene Smith
9:00        Meeting called to Order                                              Region Chair Helene Smith
             Flag Salute                                                                     ZC Laura Barhydt
             Invocation                                                                      Lion Carle Enloe

Moment of Silence for Lions Departed

9:05        Protocol – Introduction of Officers                          2VDG Tim Luckinbill
9:07        Welcome                                                                     District Governor Cat Gon           9:12        Approval of February 8th, 2020
                    Cabinet meeting Minutes                                     PCS Zenny Yagen
9:14        Roll Call of Clubs                                                      CS Dave Evans
9:19        Cabinet Secretary’s Report                                      CS Dave Evans                        9:20        Cabinet Treasurer’s Report                                      CT Zenny Yagen

District Coordinators and Committee Reports
(All reports to be submitted electronically to CS Dave Evans)
Please keep your reports brief and within the time allocated

9:21 District Constant Contact Messaging IPDG Sarah Enloe
9:23 Service & LCI Reporting Lion Jeri Wartena
9:26 Membership and LCI Foundation PDG Andy Anderson
9:30 Leadership and CA Lions Foundation                                                        PDG Nick McNicholas
9:35 Lions Education Foundation PDG Nick McNicholas
9:40 District Convention 2020 PDG Nick McNicholas
9:45 District Convention 2021 PDG Doug Wight
9:49 Site Selection Update PDG Erv Gon
9:51 Wilderness Camp/Camp Ross Relles PDG Nick Nichol
9:55 Folsom Project for the Visually Impaired PDG Don Ring
9:58 Student Speaker Foundation Lion Ed Smith
10:00 10-minute Intermission S-t-r-e-t-c-h! 10-minute Intermission
10:10 Student Speaker Contest 2020 & 2021 Lion Mark Steffens
10:15 Lions Project for Canine Companions Lion Mark Steffens
10:17 Peace Poster 2020 Lion Robert Stoermer
10:19 City of Hope Lion Dave Pevny
10:21 Club Contest & Awards CS Dave Evans
10:24 Top Club Contest Lion Lorene Euerle
10:27 Diabetes Awareness Lion Lynn Ventura
10:30 No. CA Lions Sight Association Lion Bing Ventura
10:33 Special Kids Day Lion Kitty Kramer
10:35 Long Range Planning Lion Dennis Kramer
10:38 Campus Clubs PCC Derek Ledda
10:41 Youth Programs & Scouting Lion Jeff Walton
10:44 Youth Exchange Lion Vicky Brady
10:46 Youth Protection Policy 2nd VDG Tim Luckinbill
10:49 Leo Club Updates Lion Steve Murphy
10:51 Constitutions & By-Laws PCC Richard Wilmot
10:53 Pediatric Cancer Lion Dr. Laura Balangue
10:55 New Member Orientation Lion Sheri Retzlaff
10:57 Closing Remarks and Announcements District Governor Cat Gon
10:59 Blessing Chaplain Carle Enloe
11:00 Motion to Adjourn Region Chair Helene Smith
11:05 Member Orientation Forum (stay on-line) Lion Sheri Retzlaff & PDG Andy Anderson
12:00 Final Adjournment  
Thank You for attending our first Virtual Cabinet Meeting

Take Care, Stay Safe!