District Email List

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dg@district4c5.org District Governor Cat Gon
1vdg@district4c5.org 1st Vice DG Donna Prince
2vdg@district4c5.org 2nd Vice DG Tim Lukinbill
cs@district4c5.org Cabinet Secretary Dave Evans
ct@district4c5.org Cabinet Treasurer Zenny Yagen
aa@district4c5.org Admin Assistant Jeri Retlaff
glt@district4c5.org Global Leadership PDF Nick McNicholas
gmt@district4c5.org Global Membership PDG Andy anderson
extention@district4c5.org Club Extension Dennis Kramer
orientation@district4c5.org New Member Orientation Sheri Retzlaff
 gst@district4c5.org Global Service  Jeri Wartena
donnerregion@district4c5.org Donner Region Helene Smith
foothillzone@district4c5.org  Foothill Zone Lindalee Talso
sierrazone@district4c5.org   Sierra Zone Laura Barhydt
dosriosregion@district4c5.org Dos Rios Region Dave Stoermer
gordonzone@district4c5.org  Gordon Zone Carlos Carvajal
wolfskillzone@district4c5.org  Wolfskill Zone Ann Alvarez
sacramentoregion@district4c5.org Sacramento Region Cecille Presley
crockerzone@district4c5.org Crocker Zone Josefine Fong
sutterzone@district4c5.org  Sutter Zone Eddie Aducayen
washoeregion@district4c5.org Washoe Region Dusty Harrison
eurekazone@district4c5.org Eureka Zone Merita Sumovic
marshallzone@district4c5.org  Marshall Zone Evelyn Butler
directory@district4c5.org  Directory Updates Jeri Retzlaff
chaplain@district4c5.org  District Chaplain Carleton Enloe
messages@district4c5.org  Email Administrator PDG Sara Enloe
historian@district4c5.org  Historian Carleton Enloe
leo@district4c5.org  Leo Coordinator Betty Sanderland
pr@district4c5.org  Public Relations Derek Ledda
webmaster@district4c5.org  Webmaster Jack Edwards
rossrelles@district4c5.org  Camp Chair @ Ross Relles PDG Nick Nichol
rossrelles@district4c5.org  Canacer Awareness Dr. Laura Balangue
lpcci@district4c5.org Lions Project for Canine Companions for Independence Mark Steffens
constitution@district4c5.org  Constitution and By-laws PCC Richard Wilmot
contests@district4c5.org  Contests CS Dave Evans
convention@district4c5.org  Convention Chair PDG Doug Wight
housing@district4c5.org  Housing Chair IPCS Jeri Retzlaff
ipdg@district4c5.org  Immediate Past Dist. Gov. IPDG Sarah Enloe
kubs@district4c5.org  KUBS
lmeaf@district4c5.org Lions Medical Emergency Assistance Fund Chair Becky Bell
longrange@district4c5.org Long Range Dennis Kramer
peaceposter@district4c5.org Peace Poster Robert Stoermer
editor@district4c5.org Pride Editor Kitty Kramer
scrapbook@district4c5.org Scrapbook Contest Evelyn Butler
socialmedia@district4c5.org  Social Media Natalie Price
studentspeaker@district4c5.org Student Speaker Mark Steffens
technology@district4c5.org  Technology Chair IPDG Sarah Enloe
topclub@district4c5.org Top Club Lorene Euerle
visitation@district4c5.org  Visitation Mitzi Stockel
autism@district4c5.org Autism Awareness and Support Bing Ventura
cityofhope@district4c5.org   City of Hope Dave Pevny
diabetes@district4c5.org Diabetes Chair Lynn Ventura
disaster@district4c5.org Disaster Preparedness PDG Mike Retzlaff
fpvi@district4c5.org  Folsom Project for the Visually Impaired PDG Don Ring
sightnhearing@district4c5.org  Sight and Hearing Ernest Takahashi
veterans@district4c5.org  Veterans Fay Young
whitecane@district4c5.org  White Cane Ed Valencia
womendevelopment@district4c5.org  Women Development Annie Schmidt
youthexchange@district4c5.org  Youth Exchange Vicky Brady
sroeseler@societyfortheblind.org Society for the Blind Shari Roeseler
lcif@district4c5.org  LCIF Liaison PDG Andy Anderson
lef@district4c5.org  LEF Chair PDG Nick McNichols
nclsa@district4c5.org  NCLSA Bing Ventura
Antelope@district4c5.org  Jeri Wartena
Auburn49er@district4c5.org PCC David Johnson
AuburnHost@district4c5.org  Kenneth Freeman
Camelia@district4c5.org Peggy Kwong
Capitol@district4c5.org Amy Li
CitrusHeights@district4c5.org  Kristen M Sketchley
Colfax@district4c5.org  Tim Lukinbill
CountryClub@district4c5.org  Harvey Bandy
DavisAggie@district4c5.org  Khanh Ngo
Delta@district4c5.org  David Sizemore
Downieville@district4c5.org  Karen Galan
ElkGrove@district4c5.org  Agustin Palacios
Embarcadero@district4c5.org  James Berdan
Esparto@district4c5.org Carrie Clark
FolsomCity@district4c5.org  Ann Schelenker
FolsomLake@district4c5.org  Jill Santos
Foothill@district4c5.org  Ron Gaynor
Foresthill@district4c5.org  Patty Hopper
FortSutter@district4c5.org  Mark Lamb
Galt@district4c5.org  Lawrence Wakefield
GoldCountry@district4c5.org  Mike Hurst
GoldenState@district4c5.org  Eddie Aducayen
GrassValley@district4c5.org  Ginger Jackson
HigginsDiggins@district4c5.org Michele LaGamma
LagunaCreek@district4c5.org Jeri C Retzlaff
LincolnHills@district4c5.org Harold Grower
LincolnHost@district4c5.org Rosemary Knutson
Loomis@district4c5.org Vicky Morris
Mabuhay@district4c5.org Cheryl Hutchins
Maharlika@district4c5.org Aleili Townsend
Malaya@district4c5.org Leila Pereira
MeadowVista@district4c5.org Etta Gross
Metropolitan@district4c5.org Joy Han
Midtown@district4c5.org Ann Alvarez
MotherLode@district4c5.org Neil Pfafman
Nepalese@district4c5.org Dr Peetambar Dahal
NevadaCity@district4c5.org PDG Doug Wight
Newcastle@district4c5.org Kathleen Daugherty
PennValley@district4c5.org Carol Alice Puphal
Placerville@district4c5.org Helen Rivard
PrideOfLagunaCreek@district4c5.org Jeri Retzlaff
RioLinda@district4c5.org Shelli Bolsover
Rocklin@district4c5.org Clara Taylor
RosevilleHost@district4c5.org Edward Smith
RosevilleSunrise@district4c5.org  Francine Nichol
Senator@district4c5.org Teri Miller
ValleyHi@district4c5.org Aurora Ramos
Winters@district4c5.org Karen Benson-Neil
WoodlandHost@district4c5.org Susan Vogelesang
WoodlandReveille@district4c5.org Mike Horgan
YoloSunset@district4c5.org Marie Kearney