District Email List

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Donna Prince District Governor
Tim Lukinbill 1st Vice DG
Zenny Yagen 2nd Vice DG
Evelyn Butler Cabinet Secretary
Doug Wight Cabinet Treasurer
Gayle Kono Admin Assistant
Jeri “JT” Retzlaff Global Leadership
Andy Anderson Global Membership
Dennis Kramer Club Extension
Sheri Retzlaff New Member Orientation
Jeri Wartena Global Service
Laura Barhydt Donner Region
Helene Smith Foothill Zone
Tom Parillo Sierra Zone
Jim Fuller Dos Rios Region
Tim Leathers Gordon Zone
Jeremy Price Wolfskill Zone
Josefine Fong Sacramento Region
Brent Showalter Crocker Zone
Jack Edwards Sutter Zone
Tony Santos Washoe Region
Suzi Mortenson Eureka Zone
Jill Santos Marshall Zone
Jeri Retzlaff Directory Updates
Susan Giles District Chaplain
Sara Enloe Email Administrator
Susan Giles Historian
Betty Sanderland Leo Coordinator
Derek Ledda Public Relations
Jack Edwards Webmaster
Nick Nichols Camp Chair @ Ross Relles
Dr. Laura Balangue Cancer Awareness
Mark Steffens Lions Project for Canine Companions for Independence
Richard Wilmot Constitution and By-laws
Dave Evans Contests
Doug Wight Convention Chair
Jeri Retzlaff Housing Chair
Cat Gon Imm. Past Dist. Gov.
Becky Bell Lions Medical Emergency Assistance Fund Chair
Dennis Kramer Long Range
Robert Stoermer Peace Poster
Evelyn Butler &
Gayle Kono
Pride Editor
Evelyn Butler Scrapbook Contest
Natalie Price Social Media
Mark Steffens Student Speaker
IPDG Sarah Enloe Technology Chair
Lorene Euerle Top Club
Mitzi Stockel Visitation
Bing Ventura Autism Awareness and Support
Dave Pevny City of Hope
Lynn Ventura Diabetes Chair
Mike Retzlaff Disaster Preparedness
Don Ring Folsom Project for the Visually Impaired
Ernest Takahashi Sight and Hearing
Fay Young Veterans
Ed Valencia White Cane
Annie Schmidt Women Development
Vicky Brady Youth Exchange
Shari Roeseler Society for the Blind
Andy Anderson LCIF Liaison
Nick McNichols LEF Chair
Bing Ventura NCLSA
Jeri Wartena Antelope@district4c5.net
PCC David Johnson Auburn49er@district4c5.net
Kenneth Freeman AuburnHost@district4c5.net
Peggy Kwong Camelia@district4c5.net
Amy Li Capitol@district4c5.net
Kristen M Sketchley CitrusHeights@district4c5.net
Tim Lukinbill Colfax@district4c5.net
Harvey Bandy CountryClub@district4c5.net
Khanh Ngo DavisAggie@district4c5.net
David Sizemore Delta@district4c5.net
Karen Galan Downieville@district4c5.net
Jack Edwards ElkGrove@district4c5.net
James Berdan Embarcadero@district4c5.net
Carrie Clark Esparto@district4c5.net
Ann Schelenker FolsomCity@district4c5.net
Jill Santos FolsomLake@district4c5.net
Ron Gaynor Foothill@district4c5.net
Patty Hopper Foresthill@district4c5.net
Mark Lamb FortSutter@district4c5.net
Lawrence Wakefield Galt@district4c5.net
Mike Hurst GoldCountry@district4c5.net
Eddie Aducayen GoldenState@district4c5.net
Ginger Jackson GrassValley@district4c5.net
Michele LaGamma HigginsDiggins@district4c5.net
Harold Grower LincolnHost@district4c5.net
Vicky Morris Loomis@district4c5.net
Cheryl Hutchins Mabuhay@district4c5.net
Aleili Townsend Maharlika@district4c5.net
Leila Pereira Malaya@district4c5.net
Etta Gross MeadowVista@district4c5.net
Joy Han Metropolitan@district4c5.net
Ann Alvarez Midtown@district4c5.net
Neil Pfafman MotherLode@district4c5.net
Dr Peetambar Dahal Nepalese@district4c5.net
Doug Wight NevadaCity@district4c5.net
Kathleen Daugherty Newcastle@district4c5.net
Carol Alice Puphal PennValley@district4c5.net
Helen Rivard Placerville@district4c5.net
Jeri Retzlaff PrideOfLagunaCreek@district4c5.net
Shelli Bolsover RioLinda@district4c5.net
Clara Taylor Rocklin@district4c5.net
Edward Smith RosevilleHost@district4c5.net
Francine Nichol RosevilleSunrise@district4c5.net
Teri Miller Senator@district4c5.net
Aurora Ramos ValleyHi@district4c5.net
Karen Benson-Neil Winters@district4c5.net
Susan Vogelesang WoodlandHost@district4c5.net
Mike Horgan WoodlandReveille@district4c5.net
Marie Kearney YoloSunset@district4c5.net