DG: Kumar Kalagara


email: dg@district4c5.org

District Governor
Kumar Kalagara (Lion Sandhya)
Folsom City Host

District Governor Kumar Kalagara was born in India and comes from a family of Lions. His father was a very active Lion in India during the 1960’s, 70’s and early 80’s. Lion Kumar, his wife Lion Sandhya are members of Folsom City Host Lions Club.

Since joining the Folsom City Holst Lions Club, Lion Kumar has held the positions of Lion Tamer, Membership hair, Vice President and President, and actively participates in all Club projects. He served as the 2013-2014 Mather Zone Chair, 2nd Vice District Governor in 2014-2015 and 1st Vice District Governor in 2015-2016. Kumar is serving on the MD4 Public Relations and Information Technology committee. Kumar was the MD4 information Technology(IT) and Social Media Chair for 2015-2016.

Lion Kumar attended Emerging, Advanced Lions Leadership institutes, multiple USA-Canada forums and International Conventions. Lion Kumar also received his Master’s Degree from Lions University. Lion Kumar was recognized with a Melvin Jones Fellowship. Lion Kumar also received an International President Certification and Excellence Award.

Lion has a Bachelor of Science Degree (with Honors) and a Masters Degree in Business Administration. For the past 32 years, Lion Kumar has been working as an IT consultant. He also worked as IT manager for the State of California.

Lion Kumar always wanted to serve those in need. He volunteers on many youth development projects (a personal passion) in the Sacramento Region. For the past seven years he has been mentoring kids of incarcerated parents through Cordova Community Partnership Program.

Lion Kumar is very active in the East Indian community and conducts many cultural, educational, and volunteer programs throughout the year.

For the past 18 years Kumar and his wife (Lion Sandhya, his high school sweetheart, have lived in Folsom. They have a son, Sriharsha (Sri), who is working as a business analyst for an IT company .

Lion Kumar is an avid stamp collector (specializes in Rail-Roads). Kumar and Sandhya enjoy sustainable gardening.

His Motto is “Sustainable Service” through Lionism

His official visitation schedule