Elk Grove Lion Pancho Sanchez Selected as Citizen of the Year

Join us in celebrating the selection of Lion Pancho Sanchez as our Elk Grove Citizen of the Year.

November 6th, 2018 at the Valley Hi Country Club

Tickets will be available from the Chamber of Commerce.

Every year, the people of Elk Grove honors an Elk Grove citizen who has contributed greatly to our community and is an example of the meaning of giving.  Since 1955, representatives from different Elk Grove community service organizations have presented this annual award honoring an area resident who has rendered outstanding services directly to the Elk Grove community.

For 2017-2018, the committee has selected another Elk Grove Lion to be honored as the citizen of the year at the awards banquet on November 6th. Please join us in congratulating Lion Pancho Sanchez and the Elk Grove Citizen of the year. Look at the list below and you will find that 25% of the people selected over the years are Lions.

Surprise notification to Lion Pancho Sanchez by (L-R) Marie Coleman, Joe Tallerico, John Shook, Warren Weaver, Pancho Sanchez, April Cooke, Pat Weaver, Tracey Edwards, Paula Maita, Nancy Lucia.

The Elk Grove Citizen of the Year is truly a community award. The recipient of the Elk Grove Citizen of the Year award is honored at a banquet held on the first Monday in November each year. The award and banquet are co-sponsored by several local service organizations. Some of the co-sponsors include the Elk Grove Lions Club, Elk Grove Optimist Club, Pride of Laguna Creek Lions Club, Rotary Club of Elk Grove, Rotary Club of Laguna Sunrise and the Soroptimist International of Elk Grove. Over the years, several members of the Elk Grove Lions Club have been selected to receive this honor. Proceeds from this event benefit the Elk Grove Citizen of the Year scholarship which is given to a qualifying high school senior.

Curious about past recipients?

1955 – Raymond Case, principal-superintendent, Elk Grove Elementary School

1956 – Alvin Bartholomew, businessman, leader of many community groups, Lions Club

1957 – Tom Karamanos, Lions Club, started Elk Grove Business Men’s Association

1958 – George Henderson, Boy Scout leader, started Elk Grove Boy Scouts

1959 – Elk Grove Volunteer Fire Department

1960 – Cantrell Castello, dairyman, involved in many organizations.

1961 – Gerald Brown, community leader, especially Western Festival

1962 – Edna Sperry, Leader in Girl Scouts, Red Cross, Mothers’ Club

1963 – Raymond Russell, builder of houses, EG Park maintenance

1964 – Paul Betschart, sports supporter, fire department, Lions Club

1965 – Jessie Baker, supporter of children with special needs and disabilities

1966 – Theodore Smedberg, EG principal, superintendent, Sac County Office of Education

1967 – Hilma Colton, HS teacher, Girl Scout leader, Cemetery District

1968 – Ida Fleming, active with many community groups

1969 – John Zehnder, dairy and business man,Lions Club, and many groups

1970 – Robert Fite, principal and strong community supporter

1971 – Jack Hill, volunteer firefighter, soapbox racers for youth

1972 – Anabel Gage, local historian and photographer

1973 – Douglas Berner, athletic activities for all youth

1974 – Bernice Gallup, reporter of local news

1975 – Marvin “Bud” Jones, businessman, EG water district

1976 – Glen Beeman, educator, business manager, EGUSD

1977 – Henry Kloss, Sacramento County Supervisor, Franklin family, Lions Club

1978 – Jeanne Womack, Western Festival leader and parade organizer

1979 – Carl Amundson, Rhoads School and started EG Historical Society

1980 – Roy Herburger, Elk Grove Citizen since 1959, Lions Club

1981 – Elizabeth Pinkerton, educator, local historian, writer

1982 – Glenn Houde, EGUSD Superintendent

1983 – Richard Lichtenberger, leader in Senior Center

1984 – Mel Oneto, agriculturist, Lions Club, Boy Scouts, Senior Center

1985 – Margit Kloss, Franklin Parents Club, many organizations

1986 – Gerald Derr, Lions Club, EG fire department leader and chief

1987 – Dorothy Hrepich, active in many community groups

1988 – Gary Lawson, educator, principal Jessie Baker, disability leader

1989 – Iris Zimbelman, created the Strauss Festival

1990 – Pat Braziel, brought about many local improvements

1991 – Jerry and Jeanne Strong, Project R.I.D.E., Lions Club, and many community groups

1992 – Mike Zehnder, “Fireman Mike,” Lions Club, involved with many community events

1993 – Olga Batey, community leader and activist

1994 – Roger Shaffer, leader in many community groups

1995 – David Simpson, newspaper writer, Lions Club, supporter of many organizations

1996 – Roy Sharp, agriculture programs, animal care, reaching out to youth

1997 – Hal Bartholomew, EG Parks and Recreation, and many other groups

1998 – Jim Ring, Project R.I.D.E., and many other groups

1999 – Sophia Scherman, projects to assist disabled youth and adults

2000 – Cathy O’Neil, started clothing drives for those in need

2001 – Frances Fite, leader of Rhoads School project, many other groups.

2002 – Dan Lawrence, a leader in many community organizations

2003 – Jean and Lyn Hawkins, business, Food Bank, mentoring students

2004 – Stanley Carothers, supporter of many local organizations.

2005 – Marsha Holmes, dedicated volunteer in many organizations,

2006 – Arnold Adreani, educator, principal of Joseph Kerr, scholarships

2007 – Elaine and Jim Wright, Lions Club, leaders in business and a variety of organizations

2008 – Bob Lent, long time Rotary leader, involved with many organizations

2009 – Frank and Paula Maita, business leaders, city, chamber, and other groups.

2010 – Mary Lewis, writer, columnist, chamber, and Strauss

2011 – Mark Hedlund, the voice of Elk Grove, master of ceremonies at many events

2012 –  Gary Dapelo, Lions Club, great volunteer and supporter

2013 – Frank Lucia, educator, support for homeless

2014 – Marie Coleman, fund raiser leader for scholarships

2015 – Pat and Warren Weaver, education and agriculture groups, Lions Club, and scholarships.

2016 – Jim and Annaclare Entrican, Elk Grove Historical Society, Native Sons & Daughters of the Golden West.

2017 – Pancho Sanchez, Elk Grove Lions Club and almost any fundraiser that required a cook.