Do you need a mentor? Do you want to be a mentor?

As a district that takes pride in emphasizing training as a key element of our overall goals and objectives, there is a need to seek out powerful ways to grow and develop the skills of our membership. A review of the literature suggests that today’s leaders from all walks of life, have had the benefit of a mentor’s wisdom and experience.

The question is, how might a mentoring program benefit our entire organization? Mentoring is more than just a cost-effective alternative to traditional training programs. It promotes knowledge sharing, leadership development, skill development, and engagement throughout the entire organization.

Membership wise we have had some good years and some poor years. Each year District 4-C5 brings in as many members as leave. Information passed on from LCI suggests that the highest rate of attrition is during the fourteenth to the eighteenth month of service, and some sources (LCI) suggest that the more accurate range is closer to six months to fourteen months.

Although as a district we are not that good at performing exit surveys with the members who leave, we hear when attending the Council of Governors and other events outside our district, that the top reasons that Lions drop are: 1) their club is not doing regular service projects and 2) the member did not have true understanding of Lionism.

If you’re interested in becoming a part of our mentoring program, or you wish to have a mentor give you the one-on-one training to move you forward as a new Lion, please download and fill out the  appropriate application and send a copy to your club secretary.

Mentor application, questions and responsibilities

Mentee application, questions and responsibilities