DG: Nick McNicholas

email: dg@district4c5.org

District Governor
Thomas “Nick” McNicholas
Esparto Lions

DG Nick was born in Chicago, IL., and in the same year, his father enlisted into the newly formed United States Air Force. This offered DG Nick the unique opportunity to live in numerous locations with diverse cultures. He has lived in one of the largest cities in the world (Tokyo) and in a number of remote rural areas.

Spending 34 years in private and public education, DG Nick was a high school principal for 26 years. He has shared that he started in the mail room of the company and worked his way up to CEO. By this he means, he started at age 16, as a classroom aide; became certificated teacher; moved up to counselor; was promoted to being the Director of Guidance & Counseling; offered a Vice Principal position, and then earned his first Principal-ship in 1983. Although he retired in 2009, he has remained active in education by working part-time for the Accrediting Commission as a Lead Reviewer.

He joined the Bishop Lions in 1985. In 1989, he transferred to the E-S-P-A-R-T-O Lions Club and last year celebrated 26 years as an Esparto Lion and 31 years as a Lion. DG Nick has held every office at the Club level, has been a Zone and Region Chair, was his Club’s and the Dos Rios Region Lion of Year twice, and in 1998-99 was the District Treasurer, and for three years was the PR/Media Services Chair.

Needless to say, training is an important aspect to Lion Nick. He has attended the Advanced Lions Leadership Institute; Lions Education Institute; the Northern Cal Lions Forum; and completed his Bachelors and Masters degrees through the Lions University. He has been a presenter at our Cabinet Meetings, for other Districts, and the MD4 Convention.

DG Nick and Lion JoAnn have been together for over 20 years. Lion Nick  always introduces her as his “better three-quarters.” When Lion JoAnn is asked how they met, she answers, “I have totally blocked that from my memory…let’s just say, I was in the wrong place at the wrong time, and the rest is history.”

Finally, DG Nick is a member of Lions Education Foundation; the Northern California Lions Sight Association; International Food Fair/Educational Training Grant Committees, and as 1st VDG he was on the 4-C5 Global  Membership Team. DG Nick’s passion falls in the areas of education and mentoring